Facebook computes a numeric score for your top friends - which is fun, but it’s much more fun to see it as a graph! Use the below tool to view yours:

NOTE: parts of this either don’t work or are hard to use in Internet Explorer - it is strongly recommended that you try this in a modern browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

  1. Drag this link to your bookmarks bar: Get My Top Friends
  2. Go to Facebook. While on Facebook, click on Get My Top Friends in your bookmarks bar
  3. You will (hopefully) see a lot of code. Copy and paste the entire contents of the page into the box below (using Control-A then copy, for example)
  4. If instead of seeing a lot of code, it asks you to open or download a file, then open it and copy and paste the code from there
  5. Click on Build Graph below… Enjoy!
  6. Optional: you can take a screenshot of this page to save it to your computer

Top 50 Friends


Explanation: The above graph represents your top 50 Facebook friends. The larger a given friend’s name is, the more Facebook considers that person someone who you care about. The individual friend “score” is generated by Facebook through an algorithm that takes into account how much interaction you have with that given friend (like comments, posts, likes, viewing each other’s profile, messages, etc.) as well as how you are related to that given friend (as family, via mutual friends, etc.).