Hi there! My name is Jacob Gillespie (I go by jacobwgillespie on the internet), and I am a Christian, husband, and lead software engineer for Playlist. I first discovered my interest in computers at the young age of two (1994). On one of our family videos, I was, at age two, trying to tell my dad that holding the mouse upside-­down and rolling the trackball was the best way to use the device.

Fast­-forward to age ten. After writing a modem­-to­-modem chat program with Visual Basic, my dad (an excellent software engineer / architect) decided it was important for him to tutor me in the foundations of computer science. I loved it, and have been coding as a full­-time hobby, with a lot of part-­time work thrown in, since that time.

I love the web. Ruby, Rails, Node.js, Golang, and AngularJS are awesome. WordPress is pretty cool too. And Macs make nice development systems.

I participated in Google Summer of Code 2011 and worked on improving the WordPress media uploader. I got the t-shirt.

I have built websites for clients like the Texas Beekeepers Association (http://texasbeekeepers.org) and Desert Creek Honey Co (http://desertcreekhoney.com). Yes, I am also a beekeeper.

I am also a licensed Amateur Radio operator, General-class license. My callsign is KD5TEN… I first got my Technician license in 2002 when I was ten years old.

I enjoy learning about all things development and especially love to learn about usability as it relates to websites and web apps.

Want to get in touch? Email [email protected]! I’d be happy to talk!