Most all my code can be found at GitHub.

Check a Film

Lookup a movie by title and get a summary page of movie information from IMDb, The Movie DB, Plugged In, and Kids in Mind.

Hulu Filter

The Movie Filter Database – Bookmarklet that automatically mutes Hulu videos if profanity is detected. Chrome extension below.

Netflix Filter

Hide movies on Netflix by MPAA rating, built with Crossrider

Top Facebook Friends

A quick and fun tool to generate a word cloud graph of your top Facebook friends.

WordPress Google +1 Button Plugin

This WordPress plugin adds the Google +1 button to your WordPress-powered blog – more info.

Send with Webmail

This Google Chrome extension sets your webmail provider as the default email application.

Clean Hulu

This Google Chrome extension automatically mutes profanity in Hulu videos (reads the subtitles).